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Garden & Pavilion

2021, Espoonlahti.

In the summer of 2021, we implemented a community garden and a related performance stage, the pavilion, in the Espoonlahti sports park. The garden and pavilion were realized in cooperation with the cultural and event services of the city of Espoo.

The pavilion served as an open performance and sitting area for the surrounding garden.

The garden was open to everyone and was maintained by hired local youth and residents of the area. Some of the seedlings were grown and planted on pallets in cooperation with kindergarten groups in the nearby area. Various programs curated by Ziran were organized in the garden and Pavilion.

The garden grew handsomely and the harvest was plentiful. The summer-long project ended with the Espoo Day celebration, after which the Pavljonki was dismantled, the garden weeded and the meadow restored.